Luna is a pioneer in voice and conversational interfaces. We work with companies to build great product experiences, and guide our clients on the digital revolution of chatbots and AI.

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Bots and AI for
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Connect with your customers through messaging, engage, drive sales and boost customer care

Apply the power of artificial intelligence for your business

Watch video

Scout and assist

Tell the bot what you need, it goes to work finding the best results. It’s your very own personal assistant.

Buy and pay

Get curated content and products, through search or subscription, buy seamlessly in-app

Customer care

Bypass phone support and blind searches. The bot replies instantly to questions, 24/7, and guides the customer in simple steps


It’s not all talk and chat. Instant info is just a tap away in your account, you can get updates, check orders or change info anytime

Voice assistants

Your users can simply talk to Luna through voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Get voice updates about orders, deals the bot found for you and daily tips.