"Luna Makes Lead Generation a Child's Play"

Find Perfect Leads, and Send Mind-Blowing Emails

Aspire to scale up more quickly than with just your personal connections, without the hassle of time-consuming prospecting? Luna’s AI finds your ideal leads and sends them personalized emails that don’t just talk, they roar. Ready to dominate?

Are you pushing your sales to the limit, or just playing it safe?

You're probably used to

Relying on personal connections but

Spending hours on prospecting so

Using ads or outsourcing and

Attract a steady stream of high-quality leads with Luna

Time to turn up the heat!​

Meet Luna,

World’s first software application that uses AI to suggest new high-quality leads every day and send them the personal emails they deserve – after all, nobody likes spam.

Want an email tool tailored for you? Game on!

How Luna works

Train Luna

Tell Luna about your company, the target audience you approach, and the tone-of-voice you adopt. Luna's brain absorbs everything.

Count on Luna

Once Luna is well-trained, you can let her work independently, sending out messages for you, just like you would with a sales team member.

Scale with Luna

Just like an employee gets better with time, so does Luna - but even quicker! Luna thinks ahead to help you boost your sales.


Luna leads database filters

Access 275+ million up-to-date contacts

Access 275+ million up to date contacts

Luna suggests new leads to fill the pipeline with every day. Based on your feedback, the suggestions get better and better (neural network effect).

Generate the perfect email with zero typing required

Generate the perfect email with zero typing required

Luna does the copywriting for you. It looks at the prospect’s website and social profiles so that everyone is approached in a personal way. Ready for conversations that get replies?

Luna first email example
Luna learning score

Luna gets smarter with every interaction

Luna gets smarter with every interaction

Using AI and evaluating more than 200,000 sales emails per month, Luna knows exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Seamlessly integrates with the tools you love

Seamlessly integrates with the tools you love

Native integrations with Hubspot and Pipedrive. Hook up your favorite CRM tool with Luna and sync your entire sales team in seconds.

Security, GDPR-compliant and Makes your domain reputation #1 priority

Email servers taking a strong stance against spam. Sending personalized messages has never been more important. 

Key metrics you only get with Luna


80% of Luna's suggestions get approved.


Luna's bounce-rate is below 1%.

The average reply-rate is 6.6%.

Don't take our words, take theirs.

"Phenomenal product and an amazing problem that they are solving; which is personalization at scale. Send 200 emails, and got about 20 responses and 2 meetings so far. Very thrilled with the results and therefore upgraded my account. It's not automatic, you can make your own tweaks and that part is phenomenal. Couldn’t recommend Luna.ai enough. 10 out of 10 in my book."

Tom Slocum

Founder at The SD Lab

Personalization at scale! 10 out of 10 in my book.

The onboarding experience is excellent.

Really impressed! The onboarding experience is excellent. Luna.ai matches your Ideal Customer Profile with what you do and packages it up for you. The data it pulls on your ICP and the emails it writes are just amazing. Our whole team, being a seed-stage startup, heavily prospects, and Luna.ai has become one of the more elegant and convenient ways to send out emails to new people.

Benjamin Sternsmith

CRO at Sybill.ai

Luna.ai makes my life as an SDR so much easier. I don't have to scramble around looking for or digging up for information to write my personalized emails, and wasting so much time. It's all done by Luna.ai. The emails Luna.ai suggests are not generic, not cheesy. They are incredible!

Zoi Lazaris

SDR at Sastrify

The emails Luna.ai suggests are incredible!

Top-ranked lead generation software on Capterra

Capterra 4.8

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQ or send us a message through live chat. We are always happy to help!

Every language you can imagine 🙂

Many automation tools require additional software licenses. For example LinkedIn Sales Navigator, lead providers or data-enrichment tools. Luna doesn’t require anything other than Luna. Everything you need to give your sales a boost, we’ve built into Luna.

As you are probably familiar with, copy is the most important part of winning deals via cold email. Before reaching out to a lead, Luna scrapes the website and social media profiles of the prospect, as input for the emails. Using this input, Luna has every piece of information for writing personal emails and increasing reply-rates significantly.

Luna uses the scraped information as input for a NLP algorithm. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, meaning an AI algorithm that we specifically trained for cold emails.

During the onboarding process, Luna will ask you a couple of questions. These questions will give Luna a head start when finding your leads. Luna has an extensive database with over 275+ million leads. Based on your input, Luna starts searching for the leads that would fit you and your company best and proposes them in the dashboard.

You can already see leads appearing after finishing the onboarding process! And the best part is that Luna gets smarter with every interaction. Every time you approve/deny a lead or email, Luna learns from this. By training Luna, the quality of your leads and emails will only get better!

Important question. The short answer is: “Yes”.

Luna never sends out an e-mail without your explicit consent. In addition, Luna only looks at your incoming emails that resulted from a Luna outreach.

Luna has been officially approved by Google and Microsoft after undergoing thorough security testing. See here the certification.

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Needless to say, your login details are encrypted.

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What's included?

  • 1000 emails per month
  • Unlimited seats / amount of colleagues
  • Have Luna send all emails in autonomous mode
  • Access to Luna's best language models
  • Instruct Luna as you would instruct an employee
  • Filter leads on city, technology and funding
  • Upload your own lead lists
  • Connect Luna to any CRM/App using Zapier
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    1000 emails per month $360/month

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  • 2500 emails per month
    2500 emails per month $825/month

    $0.33 per email

  • 5000 emails per month
    5000 emails per month $1500/month

    $0.30 per email

  • 10,000 emails per month
    10,000 emails per month $2500/month

    $0.25 per email

  • 250 emails /pm $100/month

    $0.40 per email

  • 500 emails /pm $190/month

    $0.38 per email

  • 1000 emails /pm $360/month

    $0.36 per email

  • 2500 emails /pm $825/month

    $0.33 per email

  • 5000 emails /pm $1500/month

    $0.30 per email

  • 10,000 emails /pm $2500/month

    $0.25 per email

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